PFW Aerospace GmbH has recently delivered the first components of the A321XLR Tubes & Ducts work package to Airbus. The project scope, which impacts major systems such as Fuel, Hydraulics, Water/Waste and Bleed Air, represents a significant contribution to the latest further development of the Airbus A321neo Family.

Frank Schwarz (A321XLR Development Project Manager, Airbus) and Stefan Zimmermann (CEO, PFW)

“Today marks an important milestone in the long history of PFW Aerospace’s contribution to the success of the Airbus A320 Family”, stated Stefan Zimmermann, CEO PFW. “The recent months showed the great cooperation between Airbus, PFW and their partners and the willingness of all participants to put their heart and soul into it. With our first delivery of the Tubes & Ducts work package, we are extremely proud to be part of the A321XLR program and to continue our joint success story.”

Overall, PFW Aerospace is not only involved in the A321XLR Tubes & Ducts work package, but also supplies structural components such as the Belly Fairing and an Auxiliary Center Tank (ACT) for this program.