Accumulated know-how makes PFW a global expert

A team of specialists with knowledge they have worked for

In the ever more complex aviation industry, the times are long gone in which PFW built entire aircraft. But being a part of aviation for over 100 years has left its traces. These are embedded in PFW’s history and have made the company today a robust, innovation-driven and solid manufacturer of quality and, in some business fields, a global market leader of supplier components.

At the site in Speyer, PFW has developed into an expert for the processing of steel, aluminium and titanium – a material which demands absolute control and a high level of expertise in its production process. PFW has successfully trodden new grounds in the processing of plastics (PEEK), thus greatly expanding its competence in the manufacturing of pipe systems. Overall, PFW Aerospace GmbH is positioned, particularly in the field of pipe systems, as supplier of products, which cannot be matched by any other manufacturer in a similar variety, quality or quantity. This makes PFW a global expert.

The core competences of PFW are bending, forming, welding and bonding – in the case of oxygen pipes, also, in part, according to extremely hygienic standards. The quality of the products which are made is significantly defined by the know-how of the complex interplay of material and the tolerances which arise during processing.

However PFW does not only master individual parts to perfection. The production of pressurised floors, fuselage coverings, APU compartments and support constructions demands absolute experience from employees. The teams at PFW prove that even extended production lines, process automation, engineering, concept development as well as qualifications and tests, technical documentation and series production support are integral parts of the competences in the company.


The core competences at PFW Aerospace GmbH include technologies such as bending and welding pipes, as well as their downstream and upstream processes.

Design & Build

With its roots in production, PFW Aerospace GmbH today also provides engineering services with product development options.

Build to Print

Manufacturing products according to customers’ exact requirements and specifications is part of the fundamental work provided at PFW Aerospace GmbH.


Prompt support for the benefit of our customers is, for us, a matter of course when it comes to our partners.