Pipe systems

A wide variety of bended and welded pipes


The primary and secondary structures of a 100-percent aviation supplier

Fuel tanks

Single-source development, design and tests

Pipe systems, structural components and fuel tanks

PFW: sole supplier of key technologies

The PFW Aerospace GmbH product portfolio has grown historically and is based on sound competences in metal processing. The product portfolio includes bended and welded tubing systems, structural components and also fuel tanks. With this, PFW Aerospace GmbH is strategically very well positioned as sole supplier of key technologies which are in increasing demand. And: it makes the company one of the only ones on the market who are able to orchestrate the entire tubing system of an aircraft, from design to configuration, right through to production.

PFW and its products are a part of many significant aviation programmes, such as the Airbus fleet A319/A320/A321, whereby the orders for the next generation of Airbuses ‘NEO’ have already been secured for PFW. But PFW products are also installed on the Airbus A380, A330 and A400M. Moreover, starting up the programmes A350-900 and A350-1000 at Airbus is a part of securing the future of PFW Aerospace GmbH. PFW is the sole qualified single-source supplier in the field of pipe systems for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Pipe systems

Of course, the main purpose of pipe systems in an aircraft is to transport media – all over the aircraft, from the wingtip to the undercarriage. At the same time, pipe systems made by PFW Aerospace GmbH also provide economic efficiency, excellent quality and a maximum level of flexibility.

Structural components

Whether primary structures, such as floor assemblies or pressure bulkheads, coverings from wings to body and flight controls or visible parts in the cabin: PFW Aerospace GmbH masters design and assembly concepts for a great number of structural components.

Fuel tanks

A fuel tank for an aircraft is much more than just a container for kerosene. From fuel gauge to pumps and valves, right up to rubber bladders, PFW Aerospace GmbH integrates fundamental functionalities, so it doesn’t just assemble metal structures.