These technologies are our competence

The complexity of products defines the level of complexity of our technologies

PFW Aerospace GmbH provides a large number of technologies which are hard to find in a similar quality and quantity from one single source on the market. The handling of all the standard aviation alloys of aluminium, titanium and steel, is completely mastered.

In addition, models, prototypes and end products are manufactured quickly and at low-cost as part of additive manufacturing.

Amongst the most important technologies are the bending of pipes, whereby PFW has complete production lines at its disposal. The core competence is the bending of pipes up to a diameter of 6.5 inches. The driver of development at the Speyer location is the command of particularly tight and complex geometries, such as spiralled pipes with many different material properties, as well as thermoplastic processing (bending, shaping, welding, bonding).

The production of welded pipes is particularly characterised by the know-how which flows into the complex products in the Airbus Single Aisle family and in the Boeing 787. The production islands have three different operative components:

  • Single-item production (formed half shells, brackets, reinforcements)
  • Machinery preparation and the welding of pipes
  • Insulation of pipes

Downstream and upstream processes are also carried out on site, such as water jet cutting, heat treatment after welding, calibration and trimming.

In addition to bending pipes, welding, including preparation, cleaning and etching, are amongst PFW Aerospace GmbH’s main core competences. The following types of welding are mastered:

  • TIG welding (aluminium, titanium, steel)
  • Resistance welding (aluminium, titanium, steel)
  • Friction stir welding (aluminium)

The production of structural components requires the processes of machining and component assembly. The longest value-added chain in the company can be found here, because also the most complex products are produced here.

In the case of machining, PFW provides the entire range of all necessary applications, which range from long bed machining to five-axis lathe machines. Here, the production team is particularly experienced in cutting the most complex geometries in aluminium, steel and titanium.