PFW Aerospace GmbH at the “Finanzsymposium” 2019

At the yearly “Finanzsymposium” in Mannheim, the biggest finance congress of the DACH-region, the finance department of PFW Aerospace GmbH presented in collaboration with HSBC their recently implemented “Receivables Finance Program”. It provides PFW a maximum of flexibility regarding Working Capital – Management.


SLG Finanzsymposium, Bankentag,
Mannheim, 23.05.2019 © Uwe Nölke
Picture: Uwe Nölke /,
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After the presentation of PFW by Susanne Korn, Vice President Finance PFW, she explained the circumstances which necessitate the implementation of a Working Capital – Financing and which requirements need to be satisfied.
Muzaffer Elci, Head of Treasury PFW, provided an insight into the project before two bank representatives illustrated both HSBC and the nonrecourse purchase of accounts receivable itself. After pointing out their criteria for choosing HSBC as finance Partner the two PFW representatives described the detailed process of the project to their interested audience.

The multitude of questions raised at the end of explanations hypothesize that this subject is not only an attractive form of financing for PFW.