Stefan Zimmerman, CEO of PFW Aerospace,
has been named in the 2021 Business Worldwide CEO Awards

The awards seek to identify and honour the most respected business leaders around the world, from a wide range of industries. In contrast to other business awards, which focus on companies as a whole, here the emphasis is on the people at their helm. The aim is to give worthy candidates the recognition they deserve, whilst inspiring others to achieve similar successes. Stefan Zimmerman was the outright winner in his category, being named “Most Innovative CEO in the Aerospace/Aviation Industry”.

Leadership of an organisation with such an eventful history – particularly whilst in the throes of an unprecedented global pandemic – requires specialist industry expertise, commitment, passion and an ability to motivate others. Stefan Zimmermann, CEO, took over the helm at PFW Aerospace in September 2020, taking the already hugely successful company to new heights. Prior to taking up the role, Stefan had key management positions at Airbus, Rolls Royce and Collins Aerospace, so he had huge experience and knowledge to build upon.

Stefan Zimmermann (CEO PFW Aerospace)


Speaking to Business Worldwide Magazine, Stefan described his leadership style:

“I’m not a believer in there being a set in stone golden formula, but I do consider it crucial to be authentic in everything you do or say as a senior leader. In a volatile, uncertain and dynamic environment, staying on course whilst having sufficient mental flexibility to challenge your own way of thinking is perhaps easier said than done, but being authentic and transparent will ultimately reap rewards in terms of respect from others.”


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